Digital Nomad in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua: The full guide


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Welcome to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua – the land of eternal sunshine, cheap avocados, and the occasional hurricane. As a digital nomad, you’ll quickly learn that this quaint little beach town is the perfect place to set up shop, and here’s why:

Atmosphere / Vibes

Three Men in Gueguense Costume Standing on the Street in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.
San Juan del Sur is a laid-back, bohemian paradise where flip flops are the official footwear and pineapple smoothies are a daily necessity. The locals are friendly, the expat community is tight-knit, and the only thing you have to worry about is getting sand in your keyboard (which, let’s be real, is a small price to pay for the endless summer vibes).

Weather throughout the year

Three White Sun Loungers in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.
Photo by Wendy Wei
With an average temperature of 28°C (82°F), San Juan del Sur is pretty much a tropical paradise year-round. The dry season runs from November to April, with little to no rain and plenty of sunshine. The rest of the year is considered the wet season, but don’t let that scare you – it’s usually just a few short, refreshing showers each day. Plus, you’ll have the beach practically to yourself during the low season.

Cost of Living

Photo Of Mountains During Dawn  in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.
Photo by Fabian Wiktor
One of the biggest draws for digital nomads in San Juan del Sur is the low cost of living. You can easily find a comfortable, fully furnished apartment for under $400/month, and meals at local restaurants will only set you back a few dollars. Internet is generally reliable and affordable, and with the exchange rate in your favor, you’ll feel like a high roller even on a shoestring budget.

8 Reasons Why This is the Best Place for Digital Nomads

A Person in Festive Costume Standing on the Street
  1. Beautiful beaches and stunning natural surroundings
  2. Affordable living costs
  3. Friendly and welcoming expat community
  4. Access to reliable internet and coworking spaces
  5. Plenty of outdoor activities, from surfing to hiking to yoga
  6. Close proximity to other Central American countries for easy weekend getaways
  7. Low crime rate and generally safe atmosphere
  8. Taco Tuesdays at the local bar (okay, this one might not be entirely relevant to your career, but it’s important to prioritize self-care and tacos are a crucial part of that)

Top 8 Things to Do

People in Gueguense Costume on the Street in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.
  1. Take a surf lesson or rent a board and hit the waves
  2. Hike to the top of the Jesus statue for a breathtaking view of the town and surrounding bay
  3. Relax at one of the many nearby hot springs
  4. Check out the local artisan markets and pick up some handmade souvenirs
  5. Explore the nearby islands by boat or kayak
  6. Take a cooking class and learn how to make traditional Nicaraguan dishes
  7. Go horseback riding through the countryside
  8. Join a yoga class or sign up for a retreat at one of the local studios


A Person in Festive Costume Dancing on the Street
As you can see, San Juan del Sur has everything a digital nomad could want: beautiful beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, and a low cost of living. Plus, with plenty of things to do and a friendly expat community, you’ll never be bored or feel alone. So pack your sunscreen, your laptop, and your sense of adventure, and get ready to embrace the digital nomad life in San Juan del Sur!

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