Digital Nomad in Hokkaido, Japan: The full guide

Digital Nomading in Hokkaido, Japan: A Love Letter to the North

Welcome to The Journey Seeker! Find out all about Digital nomad in Hokkaido, Japan!

Why did the digital nomad move to Hokkaido? For the sushi-bility.

Atmosphere / Vibes

Cars on Road in City during Night Time in Hokkaido, Japan.
Photo by Satoshi Hirayama

Hokkaido is a hidden gem in Japan, known for its stunning natural beauty, friendly locals, and delicious seafood. The atmosphere in Hokkaido is laid-back and peaceful, with a strong sense of community. Whether you’re strolling through the bustling streets of Sapporo, soaking in an onsen, or hiking through the mountains, you’ll find yourself feeling right at home in this incredible place.

Weather throughout the year

蓝天白云下的桥 in Hokkaido, Japan.
Photo by HUI WEN

One of the best things about Hokkaido is its diverse weather. In the spring, the cherry blossoms bloom, filling the air with their delicate scent. In the summer, the days are long and warm, perfect for outdoor adventures. In the fall, the leaves turn a stunning array of colors, making for beautiful hiking and photography opportunities. And in the winter, the snow blankets the landscape, turning the island into a winter wonderland. No matter what time of year you visit, Hokkaido has something special to offer.

8 Reasons Why This is the Best Place for Digital Nomads

Brown Wooden House Near Bare Trees in Hokkaido, Japan.
Photo by Eva Bronzini
  • Beautiful natural surroundings
  • Friendly locals
  • Excellent food and drink
  • Affordable cost of living
  • Fast and reliable internet
  • Plenty of co-working spaces
  • Easy to get around
  • Rich culture and history

Top 8 Things to Do

White Ferris Wheel Near Brown Concrete Building in Hokkaido, Japan.
Photo by Darwin Joemil Papa
  • Explore Sapporo
  • Visit the Blue Pond in Biei
  • Hike the trails in Daisetsuzan National Park
  • Try the local seafood in Hakodate
  • Relax in an onsen
  • Visit the Asahiyama Zoo
  • Ski or snowboard in Niseko
  • Explore the Shiretoko Peninsula

Conclusion and Safety

White Red and Blue Hot Air Balloon in Hokkaido, Japan.
Photo by Guyen Tharo

In conclusion, Hokkaido is an amazing place for digital nomads. With its beautiful surroundings, friendly locals, delicious food, and affordable cost of living, there’s no better place to work and explore. Just remember to stay safe, respect the local culture, and have fun!

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