The 14 BEST things to do in Manaus, Brazil


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Hello travelers, are you looking for the ultimate destination for your next vacation? Look no further than Manaus, Brazil! Nestled in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, Manaus is a city that is bursting with culture, adventure, and of course, absurdity.

Atmosphere / Vibes

Woman in Green Crop Top in a Festival in Manaus, Brazil.
Photo by Rafael Alexandrino
Manaus is a city that truly has it all. Whether you’re into hiking through the lush forests, taking in the vibrant nightlife, or simply lounging on the sandy beaches, Manaus has something for everyone. The people of Manaus are friendly, welcoming, and always ready to show you a good time.

Weather throughout the year

Aerial View Of Rio De Janeiro Brazil In Clouds in Manaus, Brazil.
Photo by Joshua Woroniecki
One of the best things about Manaus is its consistently warm weather. No matter when you visit, you can expect to be greeted with sunny skies and temperatures in the 80s. So pack your sunscreen and your swimsuit, because you’re in for a treat!

Why Manaus, Brazil is the best place to be

A photo of Manaus Brazil
Photo by Thgusstavo Santana
There are so many reasons why Manaus is the best place to be, it’s hard to choose just a few! For starters, the city is home to the famous Amazon Theater, a stunningly beautiful opera house that has played host to some of the world’s greatest musicians. The theater is just one example of the city’s rich cultural heritage, which is on display in every corner of the city. But Manaus isn’t just about culture and history. It’s also the perfect destination for adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers. From white water rafting to zip lining through the rainforest, there’s no shortage of exciting activities to try in Manaus.

Cost of Travel

Monochrome Photo Of Man Releasing Smoke
Photo by Dapo Abideen
One of the best things about Manaus is that it’s an incredibly affordable destination. From flights to accommodation, you can find great deals that won’t break the bank. Plus, the cost of living in Manaus is much lower than in many other cities, so you can enjoy all the city has to offer without worrying about your budget.

Top 14 best things to do in Manaus, Brazil

Rainforest surrounded by Fog in Manaus, Brazil.
Photo by David Riaño Cortés
  1. Take a boat tour of the Amazon River and see the incredible wildlife up close
  2. Visit the Amazon Theater and catch a performance of your favorite opera or ballet
  3. Relax on the sandy beaches of Ponta Negra
  4. Explore the bustling city markets and try some local delicacies
  5. Go white water rafting on the Rio Negro
  6. Take a trip to the breathtaking Janauari Ecological Park
  7. Try your hand at zip lining through the rainforest
  8. Take a hike through the lush forests and see the incredible flora and fauna
  9. Visit the Meeting of the Waters, where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimoes meet to create the Amazon River
  10. Experience the city’s vibrant nightlife and dance the night away
  11. Visit the Manaus Art Museum and admire the works of local artists
  12. Take a trip to the Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve and see the incredible array of wildlife
  13. Go fishing in the Amazon River and catch some of the world’s most unique species
  14. Take a trip to the Manaus Zoo and see some of the incredible animals that call the Amazon home
  15. Visit the Anavilhanas National Park and see the largest river archipelago in the world


Mother and Daughter Walking on Pedestrian Lane in Manaus, Brazil.
Photo by Marcelo Sperafico
In conclusion, there are so many incredible things to do in Manaus, Brazil. From its rich culture and history to its exciting outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. So if you’re looking for the ultimate vacation destination, look no further than Manaus!

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